This section of The Hub is where you will find all the workout options. In addition to a wide selection of inbuilt workouts, indieVelo can also import custom workout files generated by third party editors using the .ERG, .MRC or .ZWO file formats.

Importing Custom Workouts

To import your own workouts into indieVelo, simply copy the workout files into your “workouts” folder located in one of the following locations (depending on how you have your computer configured):

  • Windows: C:\users\<you>\Documents\indieVelo\workouts
  • Windows: C:\users\<you>\indieVelo\workouts
  • Mac: /users/<you>/indieVelo/workouts

Where “<you>” is your login name on your computer.

When you next start the game, your custom workouts will be available to select from the menu.

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