Minimum Specifications – Cycling Equipment

indieVelo has been designed to support the widest possible range of indoor cycling equipment over the Bluetooth Low Energy or ANT+ protocols:

  • All BLE FTMS Trainers.
  • Tacx NEO (original, 2 and 2T) Trainers.
  • Wahoo Direct Connect Trainers (both WiFi and Wired connections).
  • All BLE CyclingPower Powermeters.
  • All BLE CSC Cadence Sensors.
  • All BLE HeartRate HRMs.
  • All ANT+ compatible equipment (Trainers, Powermeters, Cadence Sensors and HRMs)
By default indieVelo will always use your smart trainer as a primary power source. If you do not have a smart trainer, you can still use indieVelo with just a powermeter, but some features that require a smart trainer (for example, changing resistance with terrain or workouts) will not be available.
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