Braking and Cornering

If you are travelling too fast to take a corner, your avatar will automatically slow down to a more appropriate speed.

indieVelo uses the proprietary RPTR Engine (TM) (Patent Pending) based on a pure physics model to determine the maximum speed a rider can take around a corner – this will depend on your speed and the tyre grip for the line you are taking, and may therefore be different for different riders going around the same corner.

If you are travelling too quickly, the Effort Indicator light will turn red and you will be automatically slowed down.  You can safely ease off the power and have a short rest until you get to the apex of the corner and can speed up again.

If you choose not to ease off, then the light will start to flash red and a small penalty will apply to your rider:

  • You will move off the racing line, so take a longer path around the corner, which means that you will be more likely to be overtaken by a rider travelling at a more appropriate speed for the corner.
  • You will feel more resistance on your trainer, which will cause it to slow down and means that you will need to reaccelerate harder as you come out of the corner to get back up to speed.

It takes some practice to ride through the corners perfectly, and we anticipate more changes and fine-tuning before the feature is finalized, but the feeling of nailing a corner smoothly, and overtaking others who have not, is worth it!

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